Music (4:44 Version)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2000-09-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:45

Music Video


  • Not Worth Buying: Most Disappointing of Madonna's Videos

    By RBalisnomo
    I have purchased over 70 music videos in the “female artist dance genre”, and this one has to be my least favorite one. It's very different from the version I remembered watching on MTV or VH1. The male comedian -- I think his name is Ali -- constantly interrupts the song, and I found his character to be very irritating. The worst parts of the video are the "Blurred Images", designed to censor certain parts of the female anatomy in a strip club scene. It's a Madonna video -- I buy her stuff for the "Shock Factor". The animated "Kung Fu Madonna" is also out of place and disruptive. You won't enjoy the song because of the many distractions in this music video.
  • ALI G!

    By MyNameIsBorat
    This video gets five stars right off the bat. I haven't even seen the whole thing but it has Ali G in it so thats top notch in my book! WIcked!
  • awesome

    By mechanic mel
    why still the blurry images, come on now!!!! i expected uncensored!!!! loved the video amazing as any other madonna video can always be expected
  • M A D O N N A .Censored ..LOL

    By Anthony Kurten
    All her videos except the ones from Ray of Light are Explicit.. That's why WE LOVE M A D O N N A. Only in America!!!!!!!!
  • unedited?

    By none_____
    Is this the unedited version? If so, it should be in the front of her catalogue, so people stop wasting $ on the censored version.

    By elmoramos
    She looks great !
  • great video!!

    By M.P,
    this video is amazing!! She looks hotter than ever!

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