Two Is Better Than One (feat. Taylor Swift)

Boys Like Girls

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2009-12-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:02

Music Video


  • This song is Perfect.

    By emilyvalencia13
    Ok maybe this video would've been better if Taylor was actually in it cause she also sings in it too but this song and music video is amazing most definitely buying
  • I like the song but the video reminds me how me and my ex were I miss her

    By Cheesemonster101
    this song makes me sad now because it makes me miss the girl I love a lot more the video was just how me and her were I know nobody cares but whatever
  • Where's Taylor?

    By good_girl_faith
    Where's Taylor and why isn't she in it. It's a good song though.
  • Where are you, Taylor??

    By alakazamo
    Aww! Taylor isn't in it! Darn! But it's still an awesome song and a really cute video! Great job (i would have given it 5 stars if Taylor had been in it, but alas)
  • Where's Taylor

    By Jalsjjdu
    Taylor should be in this music video and since she's not I'm not a fan.
  • Love

    By Jessica444
    I love tay shes awesome so isnt this music video but i know why tay isnt in it she plays the girls voice
  • It's just OK

    By biscuitroxy12
    I actually thought this song was good until I saw the video. They didn't do much with it and everybody freaks out because Taylor Swift is in it. Who cares? Really, people.
  • Deserves A Spot

    By Make.It.Rain.
    Personally, I think Taylor deserves a spot in the video because she helped make it and everything... But it's still a good song...
  • Y??

    By Did u just pee marshmallows?
    Y is Taylor not in this? Not buying it...
  • omg SHUT UP!

    By zoopals209328114093840329
    it dosent matter if taylor in it or not! BLG is an amazing band and dis an amazing video ! so jesus jst SHUT DA ### UP!

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