When Will We B Paid? - Single - Prince

When Will We B Paid? - Single


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2011-01-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2011 Prince


Title Artist Time
When Will We B Paid? Prince 4:09 USD 0.99


  • Wake Up 2 The Truth

    By Holy Hip Hopper
    Idiots like LivinOffA1Steak saying that the slaves are dead and so are their slavemasters , and no one owes money to anybody-- are complete asinine morons. Why don't you go read up '40 Acres & A Mule' government program which was to be compensation for freed slaves. Did you also know about Bank of America's payout list to descendants of slaves which the bank had 'acquired'? This song is a great soulful song for all Black Panthers. Feb 16th, 18. And thank U, JazzGuru II for correcting CrazyDaze, who seems to be still in a daze. In many of Prince's albums he had 2 or 3 songs protesting oppression: songs like Free, America, Positivity, Live 4 Love,...the list goes on.
  • Yaaaaaas Prince!

    By NaRivj
    He is in great funky form here -- and a message to boot! No one does it better than Our Sweet Prince!
  • Hey Crazy

    By Jazzguru II
    You said that you've been a fan of Prince since the beginning and now that a few of his songs speak about social injustice his songs now sound tired and stale. Then you stated that Prince has forgotten that he's half White. On what planet is Prince half White? Why do you do say that Prince is half White, because of a musical drama by the name of Purple Rain. Just so that you know, Prince Roger Nelson has a Black mother and father and another thing Wendy and Lisa didn't write Purple Rain. It was just a movie. His entire career he has followed the advice of Sly Stone, yes from Sly and the Family Stone. Sly Stone told Prince to keep his band mixed with different races and genders. It's great marketing strategy. Prince casted his mother in PR as a Caucasian women to broaden his audience and of course it worked. Mixed bands have worked for Jimi, Sly and Prince; all great musicans by the way. Purple Rain wasn't an autobiography, had it been you would have seen a lot more Black people in that movie. I know you feel duped and perhaps you should but Prince has two Black parents. Before he passed he was worth $200 million plus (so I've heard) and the older he got the more socially conscience he became and he was extremely philanthropic especially in the Black communities. So send me a copy of your music or your work so that I can see/hear fresh material based on whatever it is that you do. This is not meant to be negative, I didn't call you any names like 95% of the people on the net with opinions, I just wanted to set the record straight. I'm suprised that no one else informed you over the last year or so. Take care and keep listening to Prince.
  • Amazing Song

    By mozell87
    Love it! Very powerful lyrics and the arrangement is stunningly haunting.
  • It's been a long time

    By Crazydaze
    Been a big prince fan from the beginning. But it just seems to me that the older he gets the more segregationist he becomes. He was most popular when his vibe was more inclusive and unifying. Now he just postures himself as the voice of oppressed and the abused. How boring. And how sad to waste all that talent on retread history. Maybe that's why his music sounds tired and stale. He's forgotten his own message about positivity. He's also forgotten that he's half white as well. Love you prince, maybe someday you'll reconcile your own contradictions.
  • PAY don't STEAL!!!

    By FryBender3000
    We've heard from the audience, the music industry execs, the evil people that run music stealing sites, and rock stars... The one group we have yet to hear from are the artists that were denied from breakthroughs because of music stealing. In the next couple of years we will hear from those modestly aging artists that couldn't break through because of how stealing music has devastated the art of making quality music. If you want quality you have to pay for it and respect it and nurture it!!!
  • Great song...the truth!

    By Mr. Nolen
    It is the truth, when will we be paid? Everyone else has, what about us?
  • All Hail to The Staple Singers

    By AuerswaldBlue
    Salute to Prince for this re-make...great vision and power!
  • pay attention!!!

    By kevjev
    @ Steakfinger...Wealth is passed down from generation to generation so those who didn't get paid in the past is STILL effecting those here today. Nice song for those who aren't completely ignorant!
  • Nice to see Afrocentric Prince....

    By gobluebruin
    Didn't know he made this one, beautiful song! Powerful message, its been over two years since this was released, its telling that no one in mass media ever played it or talked about it. Anyway Gil-Scott Heron would have been proud, you go Prince!!!!