Shade - Living Colour


Living Colour

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2017 LC25 Productions


Title Artist Time
Freedom of Expression (F.O.X.) Living Colour 2:53 USD 1.29
Preachin' Blues Living Colour 4:19 USD 1.29
Come On Living Colour 3:21 USD 1.29
Program Living Colour 4:43 USD 1.29
Who Shot Ya Living Colour 3:37 USD 1.29
Always Wrong Living Colour 4:04 USD 1.29
Blak Out Living Colour 2:29 USD 1.29
Pattern in Time Living Colour 2:55 USD 1.29
Who's That Living Colour 4:10 USD 1.29
Glass Teeth Living Colour 2:58 USD 1.29
Invisible Living Colour 3:44 USD 1.29
Inner City Blues Living Colour 4:00 USD 1.29
Two Sides Living Colour 5:11 USD 1.29


  • So Far, So Great!

    By HM2GRiSH
    It is only the pre-order so it is much too early to claim the album a success but the two pre-order tracks are solid. Who Shot Ya? a cover of Biggie's original comes at a time when it is important to readdress gun violence and realize the human toll of gun violence everyday in the United States. Come On, is the first origianl track that has been released to the general public and I like it. I am finding that I am developing a relationship to this song and finding personal meaning. A few other tracks I have heard already, namely Preachin' Blues and Who's That, both live, which was a phenomenal treat during their Synesthesia tour in 2014 and Freedom of Expression (FOX) which was only available on their concert exclusive 25th Anniversary CD (Preachin' Blues is also on that album). Bottom line is this, these guys will always speak from their heart and from my experience as a super fan, they will always speak with relevance to the issues of the day. Sadly, many of the issues that were ignored on Vivid, Time's Up, Stain, Collideoscope and even Biscuits and Dread (Japan only release I believe) are still very relevant issues today. Their entire library of music has a social conscience and they are not afraid of that. They stand up against popular opinion to increase persepctives. Language they use is meant to challenge our beliefs on matters such as race, racism, other ism's and even ourselves. I am looking forward to this album, perhaps more so than I have looked forward to any of their previous save for Collideoscope, which was the first album I bought upon returning home from the invasion of Iraq. My only wish in regards to LC's music, their message and in their voice, is that I hope they find that broader audience because they deserve it, but we need to listen to socially responsible tracks and we need to hear this type of music from a number of different artists to increase the spectrum of our understanding on what it means to be human. I hope you give this album a try, listen to it, listen to it again and maybe one or two more times for good measure. If you are fortunate enough to see LC live in concert, you are in for a treat and if you are in Seattle, look for me, front and center with the biggest smile and thrashing in unison with the beat, the riffs and the remarkable rythms and lyrics. Enjoy! ***update*** Now that I've listened to the whole album, I love it!!! It's right up there with Time's Up and Stain, it's a blues, grind, funk, rock, metal, rap, mother [email protected] classic! Even better, every song has a strong social message. Layers of meaning as richly nuanced as Living Colour's unique sound. No one can touch this band but everyone should listen!
  • Living Colour is Back

    By Coach Lonster XVIII
    This album has the energy & innovation of their first two albums. Wasn't impressed with the single they released a year ago, but the rest of the album is amazing. Blues, jazz, & great guitar solos. Two Sides To Every Story might be the best song they've ever done.
  • Different shade of blues!

    By Brownfunk
    Finally, a fresh sound and approach after years of stagnation. I have always been a massive fan of living colour, but sadly, since Stain, I haven't heard a new album I liked til now! Live on!!! For the fans of the 90's living colour, bad brains, rage against the machine, and even SRV and Hendrix, y'all gonna be HAPPY!!!
  • WOW!!! Now this is a Rock band.

    By Music lover712
    So glad to hear these guys again love the songs I previewed Totally Cool. The melodies, guitar riffs and I can HEAR THE WORDS some rock bands don't do that. Well I think I will be buying this album. 😊✝👍🏾❤️
  • Never Better!!! Bravo!

    By georgiajimmy
    I've been a fan of LC since I was jamming Vivid and Time's Up on cassette while riding my Hutch Pro-Raider over plywood and cinder block ramps. This is as good as it gets from top to the deep bottom. Blues inspired and ripping good. Vernon is at the top of his game and Corey's vocal are perfect for ever song, and Doug and Will just sit in the pocket and keep it layered. Not as aggressive or fast as early albums, but this is the s&%t that's been aging for years in the cellar! Wish I had my dirt bike, walkman and a good dangerous ramp.
  • Throwing Shade on the world

    By norin731
    This is the best album LC has put out since Times Up. Front to back, not a weak track. There is a focus on this album, that comes through strong. Great melodies, grat riffs, locked in lyrics and a bottom line that crunches. This will be on repeat for a long time.
  • Awesomeness!

    By Chris27597
    Love it!
  • Hyped

    By AaronEchoes
    Got into this band from GH3, love Cult an amazing song, poped hard when Punk used it. Im super excited for this album
  • Incredible

    By Smiling Goth
    Been a longtime fan of Living Colour, and was thrilled to see they had a new release. Their cover of "Who Shot Ya?" is nothing short of amazing. Listened to the pre-order tracks on a loop, and just finished listening to the rest of the album and it's a solid hit. Glad to see they're back!!
  • Group Rocks

    By RichmondCoastie
    Great Music enough said.

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