Asher Book

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2009-09-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:15

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  • Amazing

    By AsherBook123
    The movie fame is amazing, but if it wasn't for Asher Book the movie would be plain! He has a awesome voice and my heart just completly melts when he sing and also he is gorgous so that makes it even better! Him and the beautiful Kay Panabaker make a great couple. I wish they would date in real life. Well, I am the ultamite Asher Book fan ever! I love you!
  • Ahhhh!

    By oigvvnvjjh
    I love you Asher book! You are so cuteeee! Your voice just melts my heart haha Best part of the movie!!
  • <3

    By ItsJackiiee
    I love it :D
  • try by asher book is amazing

    By Keaton Mae
    He is a very talented person and he should never forget that this just shows how talented he is
  • Summing it all up in less than 10 words. . .

    By AzianShawty
    Just amazing! I absolutely love it! :) A.B + K.P Forever! <3
  • Amazing.... vioce and movie!

    By musicgal11
    AMAZING VOICE!! and CUTE! nuff said.
  • wow!

    By valy28
    i really loved the original Fame but the adaptation was made me want to take every dance class out there.i fell in love with asher's's so pure and this part of the movie gave me chills <33
  • Sooooooo 1000000% amazing :) :) :) :) <3

    By mpdjnr
    I loooooooved Fame, it is now my favorite movie, and Asher Book (a.k.a. Marco :) ) just has the most beautiful voice, hehehe i swear i melted when he and lets just say i wasnt too fond of i'd give this a million stars :) <3
  • such an amazing song<3

    By R+L<3
    love this song so much. Asher really puts a nice feel on it. I can't stop listening to this song. Love you asher<33
  • Did not expect any less from him. He is so talented!

    By gembob01
    Wow, fame is amazing, mainly because of Asher, his voice is fab and he is so ridiculously cute!! Was nice to see him sing on his own rather than with V Factory for a change, although they are my favourite band ever! Can't wait for V Factory's album too! Buy this and support Asher in his first film role! The song is fabulous! :)

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