March of Mephisto (feat. Shagrath)


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-12-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:52

Music Video


  • Put the kamelot videos on sale please!!

    By Joefacefoo
    Can u guys put the reat of kamelots videos on sale!! please ITunes will be making alot of money!! please more videos like Human Stain,Love you to death,Ghost opera,and The Great Pandemonium please put them on sale
  • blah blah

    By lahk
    Shagrath is growling, and its Kjaernes singing the female lead. Simone is not in the video, but she's still amazing.
  • Great epic video for a great epic song!

    By Music Phanactical
    It goes perfectly with the song, but grim42 is right LOL! Just change it when you get it. P.S: look at the mephisto character. Could that seriously be simone simons? Is that even possible?
  • features two people

    By soulimitation
    Yes Shagrath appears in the video but you can also hear Simone Simons singing in the background.
  • ?

    By vidmyster
    yea it is actualy a feat with shagrath of dimmu borgir thats the evil looking dude
  • Awesome

    By Moo13
    Love the song, love the video, love the band......but that is NOT Simone in the video, she does not appear in this video at all......I don't know who she is, but if you actually look at the girl, you can see that it is not Simone......
  • Kamelot Rox!

    By Tyrone_metalhead
    This video Rox!! Seen Kamelot back in 2007 at The Clubhouse in Tempe Arizona and that’s not Simone Simons in the video you dork!! that’s Roy Khan’s wife!
  • Massively Creepy!

    By Psychosociatic
    First off... Mr. Grim-whatever, Simone Simons is the girl in the vid, the one that the lead singer caresses during the first verse, and Shagrath is the Satan character, the one in the thumbnail picture at the top of the page... not the same person... Anyways, AMAZING music video, brilliantly cinematography and acting by the band members, clearly very high budget and yes a little over the top but in a great way! Very high class, 5 stars!
  • Okay...

    By icanthinkofanything!!!
    I liked the song a lot, loved the epic feel to it. However, I really didn't like the video too much. It seemed a bit over the top, and some of the better parts of the song were cut out, leaving the same line to be repeated too much for the length of the song. I like the song, just not the video. (Also, I think this might just be my computer, but the video was about 1 and a half seconds behind the song...)
  • At their Finest

    By Grim42
    this really is one of their best songs. but umm i don't think Shagrath would be happy about being called Simone Simons. But regardless its an epic song!