Teardrops On My Guitar

Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2007-05-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:37

Music Video


  • Song concerns

    By Sorceress Mickey
    I'm very concerned that this song might deal with me, because Taylor Swift and I are BOTH the same age which I'm NOT revealing in the review boards for iTunes. For all of you song enjoyers, this is VERY sad. I suggest that you mute the volume and NOT download this song to your iPhone 3G or whatever version of iPhone you have.
  • great

    By gene69arv
    Taylor Swift has great songs, none are inappropriate and she herself is amazing.
  • Great sound

    By Big Bird Is awesome
    FYI, her songs don't hate on men, it's just reflections of past bad relationships she's been in. I think she's a great singer who is very real, and doesn't get caught up in that whole "I'm the best person in the world" drama like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Although I think that she could sing a couple songs that aren't about boys. For younger people.
  • I miss this Taylor!

    By Tayswift4ever13
    I miss the curly haired Taylor who wore sundresses and sang such relatable sweet songs like this...
  • I have teardrops on my guitar!!!!

    By iCarlyfan101
    Lol I luv it!
  • OMG

    By Sjcbndbfx
    OMG IT'S CHRIS KELLER FROM ONE TREE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tyler Hilton)
  • Good!

    By Someone>w<
    I'm not a fan of Taylor swift but when I watched this it was better than I thought:)
  • Great

    By Bingojumbper123
    It's a great song
  • I love it so much

    By elisabelisabeth
    Well, I wish I could play the guitar of this song. Love it! The best song
  • I <3 it sooooooo much!

    By puma shoes rule!
    OMG! where do i begin? Teardrops on my guitar is like my ULTIMATE fav song!!!!!! I used to luv can't get enough and mockingbird and then i heard this and thought it was better then ALL THE REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taylor makes her songs have true feeling, which i luv. (even though some of the boys aren't that cute LOL) so all u that hear it better give it 5 stars because it is the most awesomest song EVA!!!!!!!! bye everyone! :)

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