• Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-09-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:07

Music Video


  • I want to love it.

    By SeJiTop
    I’m a person that appreciates very good music of all genres and styles. I also happen to be an exo-l. I’ve tried to make this grow on me, but the “edm” is too noisy and obnoxious, the lyrics generic and unoriginal. The video itself is (dare I say it) horrible and overall- cringe worthy. I was also very disappointed that they seemed to throw away their more mature image that they created starting with call me baby-and revert back to the dark ages of the tree of life and CGI’ed werewolf fanfiction prompts. Let me just say that I dearly love each and every one of exo’s members, but this song and video completely missed the mark. What happened? It has to be good old SM Entertainment at work here- cranking out cookie cutter songs and cheesy bubble gum videos from grown men that I know are capable of producing far better music. I would really appreciate something more in line with their already existing music videos (in which the superpower theme slowly becomes nonexistent and my gorgeous men compose and perform actual art).
  • Amazing!!

    By karinaalmanzaa
    This is so original. The song it self is so energetic and happy always puts me in a good mood. The video is pretty cool too going back to the super powers was cool too.
  • My Opinion:

    By pasteeeeel99
    To me, the song feels so unfinished and bland in a way. It's missing SOMETHING, and it just sends the whole thing unbalanced... the music video is no excuse, it just isn’t satisfying and missed the mark. I’m always okay with new things, but it feels like they could of done much more with the song and music video... I like EXO and their music, just something doesn’t feel right about this one.
  • Exo has changed in a bad way......

    By Hejejejsjsj
    This music video is so generic and bland, and the song isn’t really different either. Sorry exo but you can do much better. There’s a reason why this music video only has about 19 million views
  • Power

    By 5SecondsofSafetyPins
    Luv the MV
  • Different

    By Jackkiiee117
    Instead of the gloomy depressing stuff people usually release EXOs style in this video was all cheery and fun. Great 👍🏽
  • ART

    By Salma hhhhhhhh
  • revolutionary

    By cynthiatkinson
    as expected exo
  • EXO

    By The Box and the Fox
    It's fantastic, enough said.