Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Live)

Jack Johnson

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 0:00

Music Video


  • wish it was...

    By KirstenAdele10
    They should put the actual music video out instead of the concert video.Other than that it was good.
  • real video

    By Matt Paskert
    put the real sitting, waiting, wishing video on itunes not the concert one the one where it ges backwards

    By Robublind
    1. This song is awesome anyways. 2. While this may indeed be true, the actual music video for this is joygasmic! It's only one cut, they teach Jack to sing the song backwards for the video, and thingsw smash, break, and fall on people's faces... 3. Does it get much better? 4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the real one on (while this one is pretty sweet)
  • Jack Johnson Rocks!

    By Faninja19
    Wow the title just says it all!! i love this dude!! pretty much N E song he makes will be good. i'm relly obsessed with that mellow acoustic feel he's got going on. its so...... chilled. i love it! i need more!!
  • Coooool.....

    By Super Bob #2
    Jack shares a little backwards singing which he learned for the making of the music video.
  • Jack

    By Shiba Dog
    Very intresting video, though its only in a concert. I still liked it either way if it wasnt. :)
  • hmmm

    By lalala_x3
    okay this song along with his other songs are GrEaT...but how come the videos are so..well not? instead of showing audiences and should be a lot more different.
  • Jacks the man

    By CH3_NO2
    they say I have 6000 words to write my review, none more needed than to say get his music, get your mind right, and shut up and listen. what an awesome song writter and musician.
  • Jesus can he get ne better?

    By Yubin Yi
    Jack Johnson..............I can't even think of any words to describe him... he's as my friend would say he's JACK JOHNSON...c'mon? ne waiz he is really great, and he sings so well
  • What were they smoking?

    By AllTheGoodOnesAreTaken
    I LOVED THIS VIDEO! IT WAS THE BEST! I WANT TO WATCH IT EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE! wait...did i just say that? im sorry. i was lying. dont get me wrong i LOVE jack johnson but save your money to buy the real cd and not some wacked up video. hello...?? what was with the backwards thing? i would like to actually HEAR the song!

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