Troubadour - J.J. Cale


J.J. Cale

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1976-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 1976 Universal International Music B.V.


Title Artist Time
Hey Baby J.J. Cale 3:13 USD 0.99
Travelin' Light J.J. Cale 2:51 USD 0.99
You Got Something J.J. Cale 4:00 USD 0.99
Ride Me High J.J. Cale 3:35 USD 0.99
Hold On J.J. Cale 1:59 USD 0.99
Cocaine J.J. Cale 2:49 USD 0.99
I'm a Gypsy Man J.J. Cale 2:43 USD 0.99
The Woman That Got Away J.J. Cale 2:53 USD 0.99
Super Blue J.J. Cale 2:42 USD 0.99
Let Me Do It to You J.J. Cale 2:59 USD 0.99
Cherry J.J. Cale 3:22 USD 0.99
You Got Me on So Bad J.J. Cale 3:17 USD 0.99


  • Liner Notes

    By mitchloren
    Thank god for liner notes. Back in the day, that's how I found J.J. Cale, by reading the fine print on albums by EC and Skynyrd and ended up buying Troubadour, his latest at the time. I've stuck with him ever since, past vinyl, through disc, and now into digital. Surely one of the most influential musicians of our time, and surely this is one of his finest efforts. Every track is--as the five stars indicate--great. Aloha
  • Let Me Do It to You

    By TheGuru45
    This is in my top ten must hear albums from the 70's. Let Me Do It to You sounds like it could be jammed on for an hour. The entire album is unreal but top five tracks are (In no order): Travelin' Light, You Got Something, Ride Me High, Let Me Do It to You, and of course the true "Cocaine". Great album from an amazing musician.
  • THE Sound, the songs...

    By Sean Kershaw
    In case you were wondering where '70s Clapton got his sound (and a few of his songs) from this is it. JJ Cale is the real deal, laid-back Okie country-funk that still sounds impossibly good to this day. Oh, and he's still making great music.
  • one of my first albums..

    By amoreena
    You always go back to your first love... JJ Cale will bring you there. Listening to this could save a little of your soul.. or give you one
  • Some more gems on this one too!

    OK, so I'm an unabashed fan of Cale. So sue me. Meanwhile, check out the following tracks: Travelin Light, and Ride Me High. As for Ride Me High, this song is particularly amazing. Not only does it feature Cale's distinctive "let's keep this baby on a steady move" groove, it has what is arguably one of the longest instrumental intros of any song I think I've ever heard. It's very, very clever stuff, and worth a purchase.
  • the Original Finest Cocaine

    By HiPower
    Laid-back '70s grooves from the master JJ Cale. The original Cocaine man will ice your ears 10 times harder than Clapton. Preeminent songwriter and frontman's premier studio album boasting the raw analog sounds of throaty vocals and wah guitar that have never been emulated since the golden era of the rock LP.
  • Desert Island Essential

    By Neuromancer
    If I were stuck on a desert island, and I could only have a dozen albums, this would be one. If you have no other J.J. Cale, this is the one to have, though I suspect once you get this one, you'll hunger for more.

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