Rewind: Unreleased Recordings - J.J. Cale

Rewind: Unreleased Recordings

J.J. Cale

  • Genre: Blues-Rock
  • Release Date: 2007-10-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2007 Direct Holdings Americas Inc


Title Artist Time
Guess I Lose J.J. Cale 2:49 USD 0.99
Waymore's Blues J.J. Cale 2:39 USD 0.99
Rollin' J.J. Cale 2:55 USD 0.99
Golden Ring J.J. Cale 3:05 USD 0.99
My Cricket J.J. Cale 2:34 USD 0.99
Since You Said Goodbye J.J. Cale 2:46 USD 0.99
Seven Day Woman J.J. Cale 2:20 USD 0.99
Bluebird J.J. Cale 1:26 USD 0.99
My Baby and Me J.J. Cale 2:21 USD 0.99
Lawdy Mama J.J. Cale 2:56 USD 0.99
Blue Sunday J.J. Cale 3:14 USD 0.99
Out of Style J.J. Cale 2:24 USD 0.99
Ooh La La J.J. Cale 3:28 USD 0.99
All Mama's Children J.J. Cale 2:23 USD 0.99


  • Apple reviewer is high

    By grumpypants1
    This is a great album for any JJ Cale fan. The Apple reviewer who refers to JJ's "limited vocal abilities" and "lazy" presentation hasn't a clue. JJ is a gem and without his style that is presented here, there would be no solo Clapton or Knopler. If you're a beginner, there's better JJ for sure (think Troubadour), but for the true fan, this is a great set.
  • Treasure Discovered!

    By Sriram Varadarajan
    You will not be disappointed if you are a Cale fan. This album is classic Cale.
  • Rewind

    By moody breeze
    Just kick back and enjoy pure JJ at his best - It doesn't get much better
  • cale fan

    By ethana
    probally the best album i have ever bought.
  • Classic Cale

    By jnmkta
    A must for any fan, great stuff.
  • Why is this $12.99? The CD is available for $12.99

    By AniakHalfbreed
    Amazon has the CD for $12.99. Download MUST be cheaper to be attractive. Why pay the same for less quality and no physical media. I love iTunes but it HAS/MUST be cheaper. I hope iTunes has a way to pass this feedback on to the labels. Tick-Tock guys! [Sorry for the review of the price only. I'll let you know how the album is when I get my cd from Amazon, though I'd much rather have it from here now.] By the way, this is not because this is a new album. I just bought Bruce's magic for $9.99. As much as I love Cale, he's WAY out of the spotlight - Bruce is still hot and his album is $9.99.
  • J.J. Cale-Rewind the Unleased Recordings

    By Kegsmoker
    A must for any Cale fan---the covers are great but the originals are just vintage Cale. You gotta love the irony---he covers a Clapton song! These songs were truly worth the wait.

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