Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep. - Moby

Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep.


  • Genre: Ambient
  • Release Date: 2016-03-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ (2016) Little Idiot


Title Artist Time
LA1 Moby 20:52 USD Album Only
LA2 Moby 18:59 USD Album Only
LA3 Moby 22:52 USD Album Only
LA4 Moby 17:31 USD Album Only
LA5 Moby 35:39 USD Album Only
LA6 Moby 19:13 USD Album Only
LA7 Moby 18:04 USD Album Only
LA8 Moby 20:07 USD Album Only
LA9 Moby 27:32 USD Album Only
LA10 Moby 23:34 USD Album Only
LA11 Moby 20:24 USD Album Only


  • Good

    By rocket scientist
    I'm not a big fan of Moby, though I do like a few of his recordings. I saw this album elsewhere for free and loved it. It truly is calming, relaxing and great for sleeping. Even though Moby said himself that this should be free, I wanted to purchase it because I am hoping that he gets some portion of the sale...it should be free but those of us that can afford things like this are what keeps some of the things free for those who can't afford it (not to be confused with those that are too cheap to afford it or EXPECT it). This review is my "tip of the hat" to Moby. We'll done Sir!
  • Listen to every night I go to sleep.

    By Das9582
    I really love any of Moby's ambient music. But this is by far the best for sleep. Can't wait for part 2!
  • Good Ambient Tracks.

    By IngolmoFeanaro
    Moby's Long Ambients 1 is quiet, peaceful and thoughtful: everything necessary for a good ambient album. Note: Don't buy this album from iTunes. You can download it for free from Moby's website.
  • FREE?

    By RelaxedMike
    When I was 10 yrs old, My grandfather advised me, When you hear the words, for Free..Turn and run the other way. I have and it has served me well into my 50's. Nothing in this life is free. This music is actually worth 3x what its being asked for. I paid for it. It helps me with my sleep. And 10 bucks is a small price to pay to support a music artist. Yes, it is free on Moby's website. But you will pay..sometimes in life..one way or the other. Its called, Come back KARMA people!
  • Brings sleep to the insomniac

    By liisamc
    I'm fine with paying for music so that the musician is supported- especially since this beautiful ambient music is apparently made of magic sleep goodness. Works better than anything else I've tried, and I've tried many things. A sleep-inducing life-saver.
  • Worth the Price

    By PhotoJock
    I use this music for Yoga and meditation sessions. Well worth the price. If my $9.99 is paying for RnD, packaging materials for an iPhone or even some employees salary, its worth it.
  • Get it FREE on Moby’s website

    By teufelhunden
    Five stars for the music and for Moby. He is giving it for free on his website so that anyone who wants to benefit from it can do so. Benefit from it. Not profit from it. See how that works, iTunes? No. You don’t.
  • Lovely

    By galfriday612
    Yes, you can download this for free on Moby'a website, but for the technologically challenged among us, the ease and portability of buying through iTunes (and the music itself!) is worth $10. I listen when I'm working, and my 4 year old nephew uses it as white noise/calming music to fall asleep to. I leave it on Spotify/infinite loop overnight in his bedroom when he visits. We don't have wifi at the family cabin, and his family doesn't at home either - worth every penny to purchase, and thank you, Moby!
  • What's wrong with you??

    By Broxxx
    I think it's funny when people complain that this download is not free. What happened to paying for and supporting what you love?? Moby is an artist. If you like it, buy it for crying out loud. I remember when radiohead released an album (in rainbows) and you could choose the price for download. I paid full price because I love the band. Support the artist. Quit complaining about paying.
  • On Price, Not Content

    By robocheese1
    Well, I LOVE this album, but there is one crucial problem with the iTunes version. Why is it not free? On Moby's own website, you can download ALL of this album for free.