A Weekend At the Greek (Live) - Jack Johnson and Friends

A Weekend At the Greek (Live)

Jack Johnson and Friends

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 22



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  • can someone help?!!!

    By dallas J.
    i dont understand how to purchase the full album... i feel like a complete moron it says "partial album" where it usually say "Buy".. how do i get this album without purchasing every video separately ? this is a terrible tease !!!! Please give advice!
  • Best Show!

    By Jen's IPOD1
    There is nothing like seeing Jack live if you are a fan. My husband and I were at this concert and it was honestly one of the best shows we've been to. Having this video is great because we can relive the show anytime!
  • how do you buy the whole album?

    By gzim4321
    ?How do you buy this album? I dont want to buy each "Weekend at The Greek" video seperately.... but that is the only way they are showing up in my iTunes Store. Thx
  • Track 1?

    By OAR 34&8
    What ever happened to track 1????? Now i can't buy the whole album...... iTunes needs to get that back up
  • awesome

    By joker311
    k people, it clearly shows that it is a video RIGHT next to the song title. Which would mean what? That they are video, so if your iPod can't play video don't buy this. Don't say there is no warning that says it is only video, because there is. Pay attention once in a while and you might get this kind of stuff.
  • every comment hear is wrong

    By snowfreak223
    Although i have the new ipod classic, when i put the album on my ipod it comes up in the video folder and when i go to my jack johnson music folder it has the album and i can just liten to the songs without the video.
  • Awsome!

    By Muzikman1793
    Don't give Jack a bad rating just beacause the videos wont go on your Ipod He is quite possibly one of the best acsoutic artists of our time.
  • Love this good deal

    By ClarkRayKent
    Being an avid Jack Johnson fan and never having seen him Live. This is a good purchase. 9.99 for 22 videos. and even though u can buy the DVD and get Live in Japan too this is a good purchase because sometimes you just cant bring the DVD everywhere like u can a laptop and then you can listen to Jack Johnson live and see some good other footage too. Definately reccommend this to people who enjoy his music. and to those of you who keep complaining about not being able to burn on a CD and stuff like that...THERE ARE VIDEOS NEXT TO THE SONG TITLES...cant go on a regular ipod either...jeez good purchase!!
  • find the music without video

    By DrStrider
    audio for this show is free at archive.org
  • AWESOME! Why the complaints?

    By abc22
    To those who complain: It should be common sense that this wouldn't play on a CD or a video ipod. Isn't this obvious that this is a VIDEO ALBUM?, so logically, it will only play on a VIDEO IPOD. It really isn't hard to figure out. This was an awesome buy, i highly recommend this, and at $9.99, its an absolute steal. Great Buy!!!

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