Caught In the Act (Live) - Styx

Caught In the Act (Live)


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1984-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 1984 UMG Recordings, Inc.


Title Artist Time
Music Time Styx 4:44 USD 0.99
Mr. Roboto Styx 4:58 USD 1.29
Too Much Time On My Hands Styx 5:00 USD 1.29
Babe Styx 4:52 USD 1.29
Snowblind Styx 5:59 USD 1.29
The Best of Times Styx 6:29 USD 1.29
Suite Madame Blue Styx 8:51 USD 1.29
Rockin' the Paradise Styx 4:40 USD 1.29
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Styx 4:47 USD 1.29
Miss America Styx 6:14 USD 1.29
Don't Let It End Styx 5:24 USD 1.29
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Yo Styx 6:04 USD 1.29
Crystal Ball Styx 6:23 USD 1.29
Come Sail Away Styx 8:55 USD 1.29


  • Saw The Atlanta Show That Year

    By TomcatATL
    Caught In The Act is a very good Concert Album. even tho, the concert album itself was recorded in New Orleans. I saw the show in Atlanta and it was very good. This was the the first time I seen Styx perform (!st of 3 times I seen them. ). The group is tight during the show but There was falling out between Shaw and Deyoung. Shaw said later that he would do the tour then leave. In which he kept his word. DeYoung left the group, thanks to Shaw, but they haven;t had much luck with record sales and they are relying on concert revenue to support them. Caught In The Act is vintage music at there best. Rocking The Paradise, Come Sail Away will make the walls rattle if you turn up the volume.
  • Original Styx!

    By Brettguy5
    I am in shock! This is the best live recorded CD I have ever heard! I played all the songs for my dad and I asked him if they were live or not. He laughed, then said not live. This album is amazing for anyone. It also includes Styx + Dennis Deyoung. And Styx + Dennis Deyoung live = Pure awesome. It sounds like they recorded in the studios and then put in cheering in the backround, I'm not kidding. You need to buy it! I know the price is a little overpriced, but who can blame them! It is maybe even better than the regular recording.
  • Great Album, TERRIBLE price!

    By knownote
    Great album, probably their best live recording, but seriously? almost 18 bucks for a digital download? No thanks!
  • Sorry, more to say...

    By Saphiea
    Don't Let It End broke me down to tears. It's amazing. I always hum it after great times (camp, meeting up with a friend, vacations) and it always seems like the perfect ending. It's truly one of the most wonderful sounds ever. Beats Katy Perry, Disney Channel, and other crap like that. This is me, signing off. Don't Let It End.
  • Styx at their peak

    By Ken Scar
    I remember when this album was released and my friend Brett brought it into the choir room (in cassette tape form) at our high school - strutting around like a peacock that he was the first one in our school to own this album. Back then the whole "backwards masking" controversy was still going on - but the minute he played "Don't Sail Away" we all just sort of shut up. I sort of forgot about that moment until a few months later I was visiting my cousins in Iowa and the DJ on the radio station we were listening to in the car on the way to our grandparent's house played that exact same version of the song. I remember thinking - "Damn this is a REALLY good song". But then when Dennis DeYoung sings, " . . . and I'll try, oh lord I'll try . . . " and the whole audience responds in perfect chorus: "To caaaaaaaaaaary on!" Well . . . that's when that song becomes a religious experience. Styx, like Journey, crafted some of the most perfect songs ever recorded. Later, as so often happens with the most popular bands, it became fashionable and hip to dump on them. But I defy any music lover to listen to this album as a WHOLE (yeah, "Music Time" and "Mr. Roboto" don't hold up very well, I admit) - but listen to ALL these songs and tell me Styx wasn't one of the greatest bands of that era. They were - and this live album proves it. PS: Do you think Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga will ever put out a live album?? Hells no. Styx ruled the charts back when music was still REAL.
  • High energy

    With Dennis deyoung and original members and live croud it is awesome Only thing could make better was more of there songs on same record Wish living and healthy members could reconsider playing again Tommy shaw is leading now but without Dennis the group has know balance to make new hits
  • Great review above...

    By drjman
    ...but funny how the reviewer goes on about the "politcal climate" and refers to those "in power" at the time, forgetting perhaps that the drive to label albums as having "Explicit Content" was led by Tipper Gore (yeah, THAT Al Gore's wife).
  • missing song

    By LoopieLu
    More of a question, than a review in the Video Caught In The Act the concert ended with a very fast version of Don't Let It In is there anyway of adding that to this collection? Love the song.
  • My Favorite Album Ever

    By bikraser1960
    This Album is one stunning hit after another. Suite Madame Blue has some of the all time vocals you will ever here and the Guitar solo near the end is 2nd to none. Crystal Ball is worth hearing over and over. Sadly this album was recorded as the band was falling apart from the Babe, Mr. Roboto rift in the band. 4 members wanted to ROCK and Dennis who I admire as a Rock Star was expanding his musical horizons??? With three lead singers Styx was and is one of the great bands of all time and their music will be played 100 years from now.
  • Live

    By the flyin hawiin
    The Styx are awsome then to have them recorded live makes them even better